99 New Clients in 33 Days

99 More Beauty Salon Clients in 33 Days

Question: What would an extra 99 clients mean to you and your beauty business?

The answer is going to be different depending on where you are in your business journey, but it is very rare these days that I speak to a salon, a spa, a clinic or a home or mobile beauty business that DOESN’T want more clients.

So as the title suggests . . . is it really possible to get 99 NEW Clients in just 33 Days?

Yes . . absolutely!

Is it easy?


. . . but it is a lot easier when you know what to do!

I have been working with salons and spas for 20 years now, helping them to open, attract clients and grow and in that time I’ve seen what’s worked and what has failed. It’s tough . . really tough to get clients, and it’s tougher than it has ever been before.

But not for the reason you might thing?

While it may seem like there are more salons than ever, the truth is that the overall number of beauty salons is about the same as has been for the last 15 years. There has been a shift to more solo operators, home and mobile businesses . . . . but there are also more people, greater interest in health & wellbeing and therefore more clients.

The problem is . . .  what has changed, is the ability for people to find independent beauty businesses, compare prices, compare service levels and to quickly and easily find the best service at the best price in their area all thanks to the internet being in our pocket all the time . . .  all thanks to the smartphone!

There is more demand than ever, but consumers are way more savvy and have more information than ever before so getting clients and more importantly keeping them means you need a solid, tried and tested plan in place.

There is not some single magical way to get new clients, no sneaky trick on Google, Facebook or Instagram that will flood your salon with clients. What you need is a strategy. A framework of multiple client attraction techniques to all work seamlessly together AND build on each other to find clients, bring them to you and keep them coming back.

The good news is . . . I’ve been working on this for years, with clients and I have designed, tested and perfected the solution . . .

. . . and I am about to tell you exactly how it all works!


So hold on tight, here we go . . . oh, and there’s a special gift for you in the middle of this post . . . so keep your eyes peeled!

Start: Day One . . .

WHY do you need more beauty clients?

Before you do anything else you need to get 100% clear on WHY you need more clients!

This is not as stupid as it sounds. Sure, if you are a brand new business or if you have just opened up in a new area or if you have expanded, added additional resources and need new clients to fill up your appointment book, great . . . my system will totally help you with that . . . keep reading.

But if you’re already working from 8am in the morning until 7pm at night every day of the week. If you’re with clients for the majority of this time, but you aren’t making the money you want or you need . . . then it isn’t really more clients that’s the problem. My advice here is to look at your pricing right away. If your time is already full with clients, then you are doing something right . . . it’s more than likely time to increase your prices.


On the other hand, if you have plenty of clients coming to see you, but they only come to see you once or twice and then never again. Well, it’s true that you might need new clients, but my experience here is that there may be a bigger problem, an underlying issue that you need to resolve first. WHY are clients coming to you once and never again? You need to figure this out and fix it BEFORE you start to attract any new clients otherwise you are going to end up right back where you are now.

Day Two . . .

Who are the right clients for your hair or beauty salonOK . . . now that we have identified that it REALLY is more clients that you need the next thing to do is to make sure you are attracting the right clients.

If you’re really struggling for clients right now, you might think . .

[themify_quote]I’ll take anyone . . . I just need some clients!”[/themify_quote]

But if you are going to put the work in to getting 99 new clients or more in the next 33 days, then you might as well get the ones you really want.

Now there are many ways to approach this, but generally speaking businesses I have worked with in the past focus on two distinct “ideal client” types:-


(1) Clients that you like the most or allow you to best enjoy your work!

(2) Clients that spend the most money overall and therefore allow you to make the most money possible!


. . . both are totally valid ways to go, it just depends on what is most important to you.

Day Three . . .

Right . . . now we know what clients we are looking for, it’s time to start really getting the word out there about your beauty business, your treatments and your amazing services.

There are so many ways to do this, and if you truly want 99 new clients in the next 30 days, I urge you to use as many as possible. Just a few examples are to use:-

Ideas to get more beauty salon clients image

. . . . but get as creative as you can!


To get through a good number of the ideas will take you a few days. Brainstorm which ideas you think will work best for you and will bring you the best results knowing your local area and pick the seven best ideas and start to put these in place.

Did you know:[Tweet “It costs between 4x and 30x as much to get a NEW beauty client then to KEEP an existing one!”]

Day Fourteen . . .

If you have been doing everything you can to get the word out about your beauty business . . . and I mean EVERYTHING . . . you should now start seeing new clients coming through your doors or at least ringing up to book in.

Now your job is to keep them as clients, to get them to come back for another treatment or service and to keep them coming back again and again and again . . .

To help with this I have developed what I call the “Client for Life” strategy and it’s just three simple steps:-

Step One – Get them in and over deliver

Step Two – Get them in again and WOW them

Step Three – Maintain

It’s super simple . . . but so many businesses just don’t do it!

Day Eighteen . . .

Right . . . you now have a steady flow of clients coming in from your local area and if you have done everything you could think of then you might already have all the new clients that you need for now . . . in that case Congratulations!

But if you need even more clients, then we might need to attract some clients from a little further afield. Now, some of the methods we used from Day Three might work here, but to cast a wider net using these techniques is going to take a lot of time and possibly money . . . instead we can use some alternative strategies that work incredibly well to bring clients to you from a little further away.

Online Treatment Marketplace websites are fantastic for this. I mean websites such as Treatwell (formerly Wahanda), Living Social even sites like Wowcher and GroupOn. But be warned . . there is a right way and a VERY wrong way to use sites like this.

Even though you only pay if you get bookings, it costs you money, by way of a commision, to use these websites. So while they are fantastic at delivering new clients to your business, you MUST have a strategy in place to make sure you are again bringing in the right type of clients from these marketplace sites AND keeping them once they come to see you.


Day Twenty Four . . .

You could very well by now have attracted enough clients to keep you busy for the time being, but it never hurts to pick up those extra few NEW clients that are looking for exactly what it is you offer.

So ask yourself this . . .

Question: How do people find businesses, products or services today?

Answer: The Internet . . . or more specifically, they Google it!

Do what you can to make sure people searching online find YOUR business first. There are simple ways to ensure people searching on Google find your website at the very top of their search results.

Wait . . . you don’t have a website?

Get yourself a website NOW!

I hear from salon owners, and I read on forums all the time, questions about whether you still need a website these days or will your Facebook page do?

The answer is NO . . . your facebook page IS important, but you MUST have a webiste, even a really simple three page one so that Google knows where to find you and where to send your new prospective clients.

To really take things to the next level . . . start taking Online Bookings.

All that time you spend taking bookings, amending them, reminding clients about their appointments over the phone is time you could be earning money. Even if you are fortunate enought to have a receptionist, this still takes up and wastes hours and hours and costs you money.

Unfortunately you will never be able to take ALL of your bookings online, in our industry some clients are always going to want to call and speak to someone. But even if you can shift your most regular clients over to booking their treatments or services online this will save you hours. This is time you can spend either delivering treatments and earning more money or even having some well deserved time off!

Day Thirty . . .

Like it or not over time you will lose clients, some will move out of the area, some will unfortunately move on in a much more permanent way, but some clients may just have become busy, got distracted by life, been enticed away by a special deal or gone elsewhere because they didn’t feel valued enough.

[Tweet “The No. 1 reason clients leave is becasue they don’t FEEL valued. Not poor service or a bad treatment . . .”]


There is not a lot you can do about those clients who move away or pass on, but you can minimise those clients that leave you to go somewhere else or just don’t come back simply keeping in touch with them.

A simple email newsletter every other month or a quick personal email if you haven’t seen someone in a while can be enough to stop clients leaving or to bring them back to you. It costs anywhere between 4 times and 30 times as much to find and keep a NEW client – even using this framework – as it does to keep an existing client. So minimise the number of new ones you need to attract, by keeping the ones you already have.

End: Day Thirty Three . . .

And . . . . relax . . .

There you go, cover these areas thoroughly and you WILL be able to attract 99 new clients in just 33 days . . . it’s only 3 clients a day when you break it down!

Now, if you are an existing business that needed a client top up, then you might not have been able to perform a treatment or service on each one of these new clients yet, but get them booked in or on your waiting list and you will be seeing them very soon.


So Now What?

Well now you are so busy with clients . . . it might be time to take a look at your treatment prices . . . .





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