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Imagine what would it be like if you were turning clients away, rather than searching them out?

“Competition is fierce in the health and beauty business . . .”

That’s true, but there are still plenty of clients to go around . . . you just need to get them to come to you!

At a speaking event I recently asked a room full of people from all walks of life, not related to the health and beauty industry . .  

    “If you had a day of totally free time to treat yourself, what would you do?”

Over 70% of the audience responded with something involving a treatment, a massage, a facial, a spa day etc. 

This surprised me so I then asked of those 70% how many of them had experienced such a treatment before?

Around 40% of these people said they had never been for a treatment like this . . . they just always really wanted one!

This means for every 10 random people you meet anywhere, anytime, 7 of them are a potential client and 3 of them want to be your client, but have never even had a treatment before!

"I have recommended Adam to many clients, knowing that he goes to great lengths to understand the individual needs of each project and brings a knowledgeable insight, wealth of experience and great patience that help contribute to smooth and successful improvement to the business.


In a confusing world Adam makes things simple, exceeding expectations with his knowledge and support"

Nicola Stott - Director of Special Projects at Elemis

So not only are there already plenty of potential clients out there possibly visiting your competition, but there are also plenty of clients who are just waiting to be your next most loyal customer - who aren’t currently anyone’s client!”

But how do I get these clients to My salon?

I have just finished putting together a course outlining all the best ways of finding, attracting and then keeping loyal clients coming back again and again.

... and honestly, I think this can seriously change your whole business in 2016.

Over the past 15 years I've worked with some of the most successful salons and spas in the world. I have worked alongside some of the best spa managers, consultants and leaders out there. In that time I have witnessed what works and what doesn’t work again and again and again. 

Very few independent salons, beauty businesses and mobile therapists get to the point of having to implement a permanent waiting list to take on new clients, but I have seen it happen. I want to help you achieve this in your business.

“Increasing prices can be a daunting task but Adam’s new book takes the fear out of it with a common sense step by step approach which, when followed will give backing to your decision and confidence to your delivery.  Would highly recommend.”

- praise for "How to Raise Your Treatment Prices: without losing any clients!"

Liz Holmes - Head of Health & Beauty for Virgin Active

Is it possible for any salon, no matter how new or established, to get NEW clients with little (or no) budget for advertising?

There is a lot of advice out there on the web, in magazines in books explaining how important it is to have the right clients, why you should try to keep your clients loyal and always be adding new clients, but I haven’t come across a guide or course that breaks this down in to actionable steps specifically for the smaller, independent health and beauty salon market. So I thought I would create one!

A little about me...

My name is Adam Chatterley. I'm the founder of SalonBusinessSecrets.com. Every couple of weeks I publish articles filled with practical, timely, actionable ideas to help you achieve your goals for your health and beauty business from experience and insight I have gained over the last 15 years.

I want to help your business have the best year ever in 2016 whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for years. So I would like you to have this course as a gift.

Just below you can download our full 10 part course that will teach you in manageable stages

• How to find your perfect clients

• Why referrals are your best source of new clients (and what to do if you don’t have any existing clients yet)

• How discounting is a terrible way of attracting new customers to your business

• My unique “Client for Life” strategy (this alone will transform your business)

• How to help eager customers come and find you 

• ...And much more.

Just click the button below and I'll immediately send you access to the entire course at no cost . . . call it my gift to you for finding this site!

You’ll even have access to all my previous articles plus some additional free resources.