My business is all about making your business better!

. . and by business I mean your life!!!

. . and by better I mean you get to enjoy what you do again, to earn the MONEY you want, you get to go on holiday again because you have the TIME and you get to choose where because again . . . you have the MONEY!!

My One-to-One solutions get the best results because I focus on YOUR business. Each program is conducted over a minimum of 2 days . .

I will show you EXACTLY what changes you need to make . . . and how to most quickly put them in place to start seeing time savings and increased revenue right away.


Which of the below could have the biggest impact for you? Let’s do that one first!

The Recipe for Client Super Glue

2 Days intensive, practical hand on work – Want to have the most fiercely loyal clients out there . . . paying premium prices for your services? Let’s get you to the point where your clients wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else . . . even if they do have a GroupOn Voucher 🙂

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Identify Goals and Calculating Success

This is cure for KPIs, a 2 day intensive, practical hands on 1-2-1 session… this is way more than just coaching, I’m your business savvy sounding board with years of experience working with spas, salons and clinics all over the world. Your goals create your destiny, but what are they, how big should they be and how on earth do you know your heading in the right direction . Coaching and Consultancy all rolled in to one to explode your beauty business success . . . . . . and without having to go through Dragon’s Den!

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Business Planning & Strategy Roadmap

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Head of a beauty empire? Able to pick your kids up because your business earns whether you’re there or not? Have a team of positive people working with you? Let’s work together to make this happen. 2 days intensive, practical hands on 1-2-1

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Is The Price Right?

Can you sell your treatments and services for twice as much and work half the time? I don’t know…. but let’s make damn sure you’re not working twice as hard for half as much! This workshop can revolutionise your profits VERY quickly . . in fact my average results here are a 28% increase in profits within 30 days!! 2 days intensive, practical hands on 1-2-1

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

The Accelerator – How to Get All the Clients You Want?

It doesn’t get any more fundamental than this . . . whether you simply need more clients, you need more loyal clients or you want fewer clients that try out new treatments and buy retail products from you! It’s all possible if you understand some basic principles and have a plan or even better my PROVEN strategy!

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Use IT or Lose It!

Over the last couple of years the capabilities of web based IT automation have exploded. There are now a multitude low priced, simple tools available that can save you HUGE amounts of time. The problem is you have to know they exist and how they can help all working for you 24/7. Let me show you how to implement these in your business to not only save you time, but make you more money too!

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Digital Media Marketing Workshop

We all know that the internet is key to the success of our business. But it’s a lot of work and it’s expensive to keep up with what you need. You’ve got your website, business and personal social media, SEO, blog posts, articles, PPC Adverts . . . but how on earth does it all fit together?

Let me open your eyes to the one basic principle to make ALL of your online assets work together to make them all more effective, saving you money and getting your bigger results.

£1,195 / $1,565 / €1,345

Like I said . . . each program spans a minimum of 2 days.

Day One is about understanding your specific business, where you’re and assessing your needs.

In my experience, most salon, spa, and clinic owners are so caught up in their business that they don’t know what will give them the biggest impact.

My one-to-one solutions are all based on a framework of proven strategies, but each one is tailored and unique to each and every client!

Day Two is all about the changes that will transform your business!

Let me remove all the risk for you

You pay 50% in advance and if after Day One I don’t feel I can bring you significant improvements  . . . you won’t pay any more and I’ll even give you back your initial 50%!

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