Salon Business Secrets is a new website and a rapidly growing community of salon and spa business owners, managers and professionals who want to become more successful, more productive, more effective. MORE! We will show you how to run an AMAZING salon business.

There are three elements to Salon Business Secrets. There is the Website (or blog) which is where you are right now, the podcast, and YouTube channel. These are also backed up by engaged communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Website is where you will find information, strategies and tips to improve your business. I can not teach you how to perfect the latest hair style, perform a more relaxing massage or give an even closer shave, I am not a therapist or a stylist, but I can teach you how to get more clients, boost your income and help you to realise your business dreams.

The Podcast is where I plan to provide further information, sometimes to back up articles, where the information is more suitable to audio. The podcast will allow you to learn while you are doing other things. I don’t recommend you play it while performing treatments but you can take it with you on your phone or iPod. I also plan to include guest interviews on to the podcast. These might be industry experts who will provide you with more great business building information, tips and strategies or salon owners who have lessons that they have learned that they are happy to share with you to help your business.

The YouTube Channel is where you will find videos (I guess that isn’t really a surprise). Some things are just so much easier to show than they are to talk about or write about. We are currently putting together a list of great content to have on our channel, but you will have to wait to get your hands on that.

What Our clients say About us

Anthea, UK

"I'd never have known that some of these methods existed , let alone how to do them if I hadn't purchased this course. There's no way you wouldn't get more clients if you followed this course!"

philippa, UK

"Adam covers everything in this course, from the basics right through to creating your first successful Facebook Advert and getting it up and running. 99 Clients really confirmed a lot of things for me, some things I was already doing and many things that I wasn't. Then there were other things that I was doing but I now know I wasn't doing right. I’d highly recommend this course to other independent beauty business owners!"

Joanne, UK

"The 99 Clients course is fantastic . . . it’s full of great ideas covering the very basics right through to important marketing lessons we should all know, including the mistakes you want to avoid. It get’s you thinking differently and knowing exactly what you are doing in the right way."

Holly, North Carolina

"I can not thank Adam enough for this course. I have only been independent for 30 days now and I have over 30 ideal clients and more coming in everyday. I would not have had these clients if it wasn't for Adam's systems."


I believe that most Salon Business owners or managers start their businesses because they are passionate about what they do, about the treatments they provide or the services that they offer. That passion can drive you to be the best at what you do, however that ‘business’ word keeps getting in the way.

Just like with any business, there are those practical sides of starting and running a successful salon business that you are not so passionate about. You know, those things like getting customers, managing appointments, dealing with money, marketing, time management, etc.

There is a huge amount of training in and around the ‘service’ side of the hair, health, beauty, nail and barber industries, but very little of it dedicated to that ‘business’ side of running a successful salon business.

SALON BUSINESS SECRETS is here to fill that need!

You are already a very busy person. You’re running a business or just starting one. You may have a family too and then there are the other things you like to do with your time.

It takes time to go and find out about all the different aspects of running a successful business but information is all over the place in magazines, books, and on the internet.

Instead of having to dig through all of the hundreds of books, articles, websites and courses by various business experts, subscribe to Salon Business Secrets (it’s totally free) and you will get PROVEN tactics, strategies, information and tips – what we like to call ‘the secrets’ – from some of the most successful salons and spas in the world and of course me, Adam Chatterley.

 We will help you with things like writing a business plan and developing a marketing plan for your salon, and many more!

And the best part is that I will break everything down in to manageable, practical and applicable articles that give you real value and are tailored specifically for our industry, to make a real difference to your business.

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Hi, Adam here. Over the past 15 years, I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the leading spas and salons in the world. My background is in business management, particularly in the field of using Information Technology to maximise business procedures, efficiency and revenue.

While working alongside some of the leading experts in the industry, I started to see what made successful salon and spa business owners stand out from the crowd and become the successes and even household names that they are now.

You see, I love helping salon and spa owners and managers to improve their businesses. I love to help the staff to deliver better customer service, improve their retail sales and ultimately earn more money doing what they love to do. Yes, it is true that this is my job and what I get paid for but it has always frustrated me that I am only able to work with just a few clients at a time.

Now with Salon Business Secrets, I want to help as many spas and salons as possible all over the world to achieve their business goals.

A quick note – in order to save time here and in the rest of this website, I am going to use the word ‘salon’ to refer to all businesses from high street hair and beauty, nail or barber salons through high end salons right up to resort or hotel-based spas. It is just easier that way, less typing for me and less words for you to read. Some articles here might be aimed more at one type of business than another and in those cases I will point this out. The vast majority of my business secrets will work for you, if used correctly, no matter what the size of your salon (or spa) business is.

My intention here is to give you the knowledge and the tools to learn ‘the secrets’ to help improve any aspect of your salon business, to make sure you are generating the maximum amount of revenue at all times, while keeping your costs to a minimum, and not only having a full appointment book but having a full appointment book for weeks and months to come!

I want to build a community of likeminded, dedicated salon professionals to share ideas, increase motivation and hopefully make a real difference to not only businesses but to people’s lives. I would ask you to join in however you feel most comfortable. You can comment here on the website on any article, ask a question on our Contact Page, join us on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or on our Google+ page.

I would like to thank you sincerely for being here, reading and joining in.


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