How to Get More Facebook Page Likes INSTANTLY

So you’ve Got a Facebook Business Page for your beauty business or salon?

Frustrated that your Salon Facebook page likes haven’t gone up since the last time you logged in?

Not a problem . . . any more!

An unusually short and simple article from me this week – I am working on a typically in depth article at the moment – but I felt I should get this one out quickly as I think it will be a popular one. You can take action on the below and see results TODAY!

I recently attended a seminar given by the excellent Catherine Trebble (salon social media expert) at the Professional Beauty North conference and she gave out this amazing tip I had never heard before.

Now I don’t profess to be a Facebook expert at all, but I’ve been using it a while and I know a thing or too so even though I was listening and paying attention, I was thinking to myself “OK . . . I am pretty much doing all this of stuff – I’ve got this covered!”

But then Catherine mentioned this little trick, almost as a throwaway comment, that made me sit up and take notice!

Facebook Frustration

If you are like me, you put up posts on your Facebook page or status updates which people like and share. However, these ‘post likes’ do not contribute to your ‘page likes’ total at the top of your Facebook page. Rightly or wrongly both we as the page owner and our visitors use the page likes figure as a measure of ‘social proof’ to determine how interesting and therefore valuable our page is, and therefore how useful or valuable our business is.

This little trick allows you to invite anyone who has liked a post or status update on your Facebook Business Page to easily click a button that will turn their post like in to a page like!


Here is what you need to do:-

(1) Open up your Facebook Business Page and find a post that has received multiple ‘likes’

(2) Look below the post and you will see who liked it . . . click on the bit that says ‘XX others’ (see image below)


(3) This will then bring up a separate box with all the names of the people who liked your post in it and next to each name will be an ‘Invite’ button (unless the person already ‘likes’ your page)


(4) Simply click the ‘Invite’ button next to each persons name and this will send a simple message to them that they will see next time they log in to Facebook with a button on it to ‘like’ your page!

That’s it!

Not only is this a really easy way to get more page likes, but it converts really well too! I increased my page likes by just over 25% from a single post overnight.

Pro Tip: If you want to REALLY want to increase your page likes, then you could ‘boost’ one of your more popular posts by putting a little money behind it and promoting it using Facebook’s marketing features. This is a great way to increase your reach, get more exposure and more likes. It doesn’t cost as much as you might think either!

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  1. Wow,

    Had no idea about this, simple yet so effective. I’ve been getting tons of post likes and shares but no page likes which is a bit pointless. Thank-you so much for this tip!

  2. Hi James . . . You are more than welcome! I’m very happy this tip helped you out . . . I keep using it and it keeps on getting me more page likes! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment too.


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