Sometimes you just need a bit of help RIGHT NOW. It might be a quick fix question you need answering to help you move forward quickly or it might be a course of treatments. Either way I have a number of options for you below …

Which Works Best for You


50 Minute Coaching / Consultation Call

A great option for a quick, but effective Q&A. You might have one burning question, or a series of smaller issues that you need to get help with right now. Check some of your pricing choices, stuck on an aspect of your business plan, advice on a new loyalty scheme. I will verbally work through your questions with you and offer you adivce, tips, options and a plan to get you on track. By the end of the my aim is to have cleared your confusion and given you a list of To Do’s to get you on track!

$250 / £195 / €235

90 Minute Coaching / Consultation Call

Do you have a more in depth question or problem, one with multiple parts or do you want to start from scratch on an issue. A 90 minute call really allows us to get to the core of a problem or issue your business is facing and map out a clear plan for you to move forward to reach a solution.

$395 / £305 / €365

One-to-One Pricing for Profit Package

This is my signature coaching package designed to ensure that your treatments and services are priced for absolute maximimum profit. No body likes to think they could have made a little more money for doing the same work, I will walk you through all the work covered in my “Pricing for Profit Course” keeping you on track and answering all your questoins along the way.

We will go through the research and analysis togethr PLUS I’ll help you to change your prices, the right way and truely maximise your business profits.

$1,895 / £1,495 / €1,765


If you are starting out, have just expanded or opened an additional business and you need more regular check-ins them my Mentorship program might be what you need. This is a monthly program (minimum 3 months) which allows us to work together to get you to where you want to be. This is the one-to-one business breakthrough you need.

The program includes up to 90 minues of one-on-one phone/skype time with me, up to an hour of email support (no limit on the number of emails) and a strategic plan of action and random check-ins to keep you on track.

$595 / £465 / €555


If you are interested in working with me directly on a coaching call, package or via monthly mentorship please make sure you fill in my Consultation Form first . . .

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