My ethos is about giving positive, hardworking, Beauty Business Professionals the tools to be able to succeed and flourish.  Sharing the lessons I have learnt along the way to save you time (and to save you from making the same mistakes!)

Everything You Need Is Right Here . . .

I share all my ideas and suggestions within and talk about them on The Beauty Business Podcast.  You get my best information, advice and tips! I don’t hold anything back.

The fact that you are utilising this site is evidence in itself that you are resourceful, business minded and have a desire to build your beauty business.  All the tools and ideas you need to succeed are here for you to use and I am enjoying sharing them with such a positive audience.

There will of course be certain subjects more pertinent to you and specific areas that would have a greater impact on your business.  If you could boil all the information down and make a concentrated essential oil to benefit your specific business…. Then you would be getting close to  how my one-to-one work impacts my clients.

If you want quick impact and measurable improvement within a specific, short timeframe…. Then I can help you focus on the areas that will bring biggest change …. ensure that you (or your manager and team) are fully equipped to create, build or expand your Beauty Business….. AND  have ALL the tools, techniques and support on hand to deliver that impact!

I don’t know exactly what you need yet…. but I have helped clients

  • create detailed business plans,
  • work out any financials and design KPI’s,
  • design treatment pricing for maximum revenue,
  • design incentive and commission schemes to boost revenue
  • research the best product/solution for a specific need,
  • improve retail sales
  • provide coaching and training for you and your team.

If there is something I think is better dealt with by a specialist – I will tell you… and I can usually recommend exactly who I think would be better suited to your requirements through my network of industry contacts.

I always recommend a minimum of two days and most people opt for the mid-range three day option….  That way we can really work together to look at where you are, where you want to be, what tools you need…… and of course ensure you have a roadmap to get there.

I want to really understand your business, so my one-to-one work comes in the form of packages.

Every single salon, spa and beauty business is unique . . . so my one-to-one consultancy has to be too!

Consultancy packages start at £1,395.00

A typical example would be . . . .

  • A meeting to discuss your requirements, understand your specific business and your goals
  • I work with you to produce a tailored plan to meet those goals as quickly as possible
  • I provide you with any tools, training and information you might need to stick with the plan
  • I keep you accountable through regular check ups to make sure you achieve your goal

If you would like to know more or have a chat to discuss this please fill in the contact form below and I will get in touch with you.