Attention salon business owners . . . before you even think about raising your prices in the new year, you need to read this . . .
Want to Increase Treatment Prices in your Salon, Spa or Clinic without Losing Any Clients?

Are you achieving the maximum amount of revenue for each treatment you and your team perform. What if you could earn more money for doing the same amount of work and be the envy of you competition.

  • Would you like to know that you are charging the best possible price for all of your treatments?
  • Do you find yourself working harder and harder and longer hours to cover your costs?
  • Do you value your time and want your salon or beauty business to be the very best it can be?

Then I may have the answer you have been looking for!


I have worked with hundreds of salons and spas over the past 15 years and been involved in a large number of price increases so I understand the concerns that business owners have when it comes to raising prices.

It can be a scary decision!

In almost all cases the salon owners struggled on for too long, not wanting to increase their prices, while all the time their costs were increasing.Working longer and longer hours, just to bring in the same amount of money once all the bills had been paid.

I even know of some salons that leave it too late and get themselves in to large debt before they realise they needed to do something, by which point it might be too late!

I began to notice that when salons did raise their prices it was always already past when they should have and could have raised their prices. Just think . . . they missed out on that extra income for all that time.

When I started to ask salon owners why they waited so long to raise prices, the number one answer was that they were afraid they would alienate their clientele and that they would lose customers to lower priced local competitors.

This is a real concern in todays competitive marketplace and it is a good one. What is the point of raising your prices if all you do is end up with fewer customers and possibly less income at the end of the day?

After lots of research and examining how various salons went about their price increases I created a framework covering all aspects of how to raise your prices the RIGHT way.

Introducing our new guide:


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How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Any Customers covers all aspects of raising your treatment prices and applies whether you are a salon or spa owner or manager, whether you rent a room in another salon or you are a mobile therapist. It will take you through the whole process from start to finish making sure you do everything right all the way through.

Inside the feature packed guide you will learn :-

  • WHY it is important to raise prices from time to time
  • WHEN you know it is time to raise your prices and how to spot various indicators
  • HOW to raise your prices to ensure your customers remain informed and are even excited about your new prices and I have even created a formula to work out HOW MUCH to raise your prices by safely!

There are plenty of articles available in print and online with information and advice about raising your prices, some of them even have some good advice, but none of them really cover everything in detail.

This guide has been created specifically to cover every aspect of raising your prices. It is written specifically for the health and beauty salon, spa and clinic business owner or manager and it includes step by step information to take you through the whole process. It even includes a check list to make sure you stay on track!

This is an easy to follow program, not a lot of reading and can begin to be implemented TODAY and have your prices raised to where you want them to be within a few weeks with only minimal work.

Hint: Timings are a key part of the whole process!

  • Imagine earning up to 15% more than you do now for doing exactly the same amount of work?
  • Imagine being able to work fewer hours because you are earning more money per hour?
  • Imagine not having to worry about your outgoings because your earnings have increased by more than your costs?

“How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Any Clients” is an ebook that comes in PDF format. You can read it on your Laptop, PC, Phone, Tablet or you can print it out if you want.PagesThumbNails

It is designed to be short and to the point, covering everything you need and leaving out anything you don’t. In fact the whole thing is less than 20 pages, but it is packed with useful, actionable advice to get you from where your prices are now to where you want them to be.

Everything is explained in step by step format and I have included a checklist at the back so you can make sure you have covered every step in the right order.

Finally you also get a downloadable spreadsheet to help you work out all of the calculations covered in the book. You simply need to type in some of your own information and the spreadsheet will work everything out for you!

Why $29?

Most of the articles and information at are available for free. However this guide took in years of experience and months months of work to put together and a lot more research and testing on top of that. So I am charging a small fee, not too much, just the price of a meal out at a restaurant.

I am confident that the value of this ebook far exceeds the $29 (about £19) I am charging. If you follow the steps in the book and raise your prices without losing any customers then the book can pay for itself several times over on day one of your new prices.

I also want you to take you price rise seriously. By charging a small amount of money I am getting your commitment. If I gave the guide away for free I know lots of people would download it, but because it was free, people would save it on their computers to look at later and few would take action.

But if you are still unsure whether this is worth $29 of your hard earned money then I will give you a complete money back guarantee!

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Buy the ebook, read it and if you don’t feel the information contained is of value to you equal to what you paid . . . I will give you your money back . . . all of it!

Think of it this way, if you are thinking about raising your prices and you miss even one step that I explain in the book causing you to lose even just one customer, then you are already worse off to the tune of whatever that customer usually spends multiplied by the number of times they would have visited you!

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In that case . . . can you afford NOT to buy this guide?

So click on the buy now button, enter your details, download the book and see if now is the right time to raise your prices. If it is then all the information you need is there. If for any reason you are not happy, just get in touch with me within 30 Days and I will give you a full refund. You can’t lose money buying the book . . . but you could be missing out on money if you don’t?


– Adam