Tired of dealing with your salon or spa clients' questions and appointment changes at all hours and long after your business closed for the day?

Sure, you want more bookings, you want new clients, and you want to deliver an excellent, personalised service but when do you get to take a break?

Email, SMS, phone calls, voicemail, Facebook, WhatsApp, text messages – the number of ways your clients can communicate with you these days is unbelievable. It’s great that we can stay in touch with our clients so easily but do we ALWAYS want our clients to be able to get hold of us, especially when we can’t always seem to get hold of them?

And what about clients calling or messaging you late in the evening? You’ve been busy on your salon or spa all day long. It’s YOUR time now.

But here you are, still calling clients, still confirming that appointment tomorrow for Mrs. Smith that she said she might not be able to make to see if you need to rebook her or bring another client in.

You want the bookings, you want to give an incredible service but you want your life back too!

Clients want to deal with you on their terms, at a time to suit them, which isn’t always going to suit you.

So in an instant communication world what can you do?

Let me introduce you to Facebook Messenger Bots!

Let’s face it. The world is on Facebook and more and more people are using messenger because we are always on Facebook. It just makes sense. So why not use this to easily, efficiently and quickly communicate with your clients when they want to talk. The best bit is you don’t have to do a thing!

You see, Facebook messenger bots respond to your clients exactly as you would because you create them and it’s really easy to do!

I’ll tell you more about how to create these amazing bots in a moment further down the page but first how about I show you what I am talking about. Click the button below to see just what a sample bot could do for your beauty business.

How Does It All Work?

Click the button below to see a sample of how messenger bots could work for you.

OK. So now you want your own bot right?

Well you can go out and get a marketing agency to build you a bot sequence, and they’ll charge you for it. Quite a lot as it happens. And then whenever you want to make a change, they’ll charge you again.

But I have created a course to teach you how to do all this and more yourself. It’s not hard at all. In fact if you can send a Facebook message, a WhatsApp message or even a text message, then you can build bots!

I’ve brought in the owner of the No. 1 Facebook Bot Academy and the creator of “Conversational Marketing”, Scott Holroyd to help me on this course to bring you not only the best training but also the most up to date methods of using bots to bring you in more clients, save you more time than you can imagine, and ultimately make you more money!

I’ll let Scott tell you EXACTLY what you will learn in the course!

You'll Learn

✅ MODULE 1: GETTING STARTED -Learn the basics on how to start building your messenger bot
✅ MODULE 2: ANSWERING CLIENT QUESTIONS (BOT BUILD) – Scott will show you how to build your messenger bot completely
✅ MODULE 3: USING YOUR BOT – Get to know how you can share your messenger bot on Facebook or your website
✅ MODULE 4: HOW TO GET CLIENTS (THE OFFER BOT) – This will provide you the knowledge how to get more clients using The Offer Bot.
✅ MODULE 5: THE NEXT STEPS -Amplify the power of messenger bots by understanding your clients with Adam

It is really that simple and we will walk you through every single step. We even give you your first few bots to simply download, change your details and start using today!  So what are you waiting for? 

Got A Question?

No problem! Click the button below to open up messenger and ask away.
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