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Hello and welcome to the first article from SalonBusinessSecrets.com. If you have read my About Page then you will know some of what we are all about here, but just in case you have found this page first let me give you some background.


SalonBusinessSecrets.com is a FREE resource to help you start, launch, improve or maximise your Salon Business. For the past 15 years I have been helping some of the greatest salons and spas around the world to improve their businesses through better business systems, ideas and information. I am not going to go in to my full background here (if you want to know more about me you can read my About Me page), but I have been privileged enough to work with and learn just how some of the greatest salons and spas in the world got to where they are today. Over the years I have collected these ‘secrets’ and helped to devise a few more and I believe that these salon business secrets can help every single salon in the world to reach their business goals. Are you ready to learn the business secrets that could make your salon the best in your city, one of the best in your country or even one of the best in the world?

From powerful salon business plans to getting the most out of social media, from ways to keep your appointment book full for months to the quick and easy way to stock take and from eliminating no shows to expanding your salon business empire, I will help you no matter what stage you are at or where you are aiming for. With easy to understand, informative articles I hope to pass on all of the knowledge that I have gained over the past 15 years and secrets I am still to discover, to help you realise your goals for your salon business.

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My aim is to deliver the highest quality content, no fluff, just really useful information! You may already be doing some of the things that I suggest here and if you are that is great, but you never know what idea, what secret could take your business to the next level so keep coming back and checking out our updates.


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I have always used software based systems to help the clients that I have worked with to improve their businesses. A lot of the articles we cover will refer to your software management systems quite often, but don’t worry, everything we cover can be done without the need for a dedicated software system if you do not have one. Things might just take you a little longer and I do recommend you consider management software a worthwhile investment.
In the interest of full disclosure, I am still very much involved with a particular provider of Salon and Spa Management Software, I want SalonBusinessSecrets.com to be a resource for everyone so I am going to avoid mentioning the software I work with to keep things unbiased. If you really try it will not be hard to find out which software I work with and therefore recommend, but I will try to refrain from talking about specific systems here.


I am really excited to get to know you all, to help you all grow and to see just where this takes us all.

Thank your for taking to the time to visit my site an to read this post . . . I know that your time is precious and I appreciate you taking the time to read my words.

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